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What Is Social Trading?

Social trading or Copy Trading is one of the hottest new ways to invest — using the power of the internet to connect world-class traders with the everyday man, it is now possible to follow along and copy the same trades that the “big dogs” are making. Basically, social trading is the ability for you to lower your investing risk by seeing what the more established traders are doing. Not only are you getting the most up-to-date trading information, but you are able to automatically copy your favorite traders. That means if they make a huge profit — so do you!

On the side of traders — you have the option to either “self-trade” and make your own decisions based on your technical/analytical assessment of the market or your can “auto-trade” and copy other traders to take a break and take advantage of the social aspect.

How Do I Get Involved In Social Trading?

It is easier than ever to get involved in social trading due to recent advances in social trading networks and programs. Basically, the social trading network is the application that connects the traders with people that want to piggy-back off their investment ideas. Choosing which platform to join is one of the most important choices that you will have to make once you decide to get involved in social trading — because there are a surprising number of networks and the differences can be miniscule. Here is more Info.

Can You Really Make Money With Social Trading?

Of course! Trading does seem really scary from the perspective of someone brand new, but this is actually one of the safest and smartest ways to trade. Instead of having to rely on your own intuition, now you can utilize the vast testing, research, and experience that well-known traders have. So instead of risky (and stressful) investing on your own, you can basically partner up with professionals.

On the other hand — if you’re an aspiring trader, and you want to both build your brand and make some extra money… you can sign up with one of these social trading networks and earn some money as people choose to follow you. If you put in some time  (and make consistently profitable trades) you’ll have an entire network of followers in no time!

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