Protect yourself from cryptocurrency scam

Trust, trust and again trust – these are the three most important points for a business on the Internet. No matter whether a product is to be ordered from an online retailer or whether it is another service. The World Wide Web is and remains to a certain extent anonymous. Fraudsters often have a simple game here to make the “quick” euro here and there.

Of course, the focus is particularly on money transactions, which in a broader sense also include online casinos, sports betting providers and forex and binary options traders.

The aim of

The editors of have been searching for clues in the jungle of countless online providers. The offers of the platforms were critically examined, always from the point of view of seriousness. The aim of our experts is to detect possible safety deficiencies or irregularities at an early stage in order to protect customers from possible dangers.

In practice, of course, it’s not about “taking the casinos, the bookmakers or the traders apart” – quite the opposite. At the same time, we also examined the positive aspects of online companies. Logically, we have not concealed the top offers and quality marks.

In our independent test reports on we have compared all positive and negative points of the portals. We want to help newcomers to virtual gambling and financial trading in particular in their choice of provider.

Since each customer makes his choice individually according to his personal preferences, we have intended not to carry out an exact point evaluation. Every reader can pick out his or her suitable online provider.
Why is the selection so difficult?

Casinos, bookmakers and traders have shot out of the ground like mushrooms in recent years. For a layman it is impossible to keep an overview in the thicket of companies. No customer can click through all Internet portals in advance to check the seriousness of the companies. This is exactly the task that our test editors have taken on.
Distrust yes, fear no – the right start

A certain mistrust in the choice of your online provider should already be given and can also not hurt. However, we can take the wind out of the doubters’ sails a little. European online markets are now very well regulated and controlled. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that I might mix a black sheep with the providers once in a while – but the probability is not too high. Registration with the companies tested on can be recommended at any time with a clear conscience.
Some of our test criteria

Every online provider, no matter from which area, needs an appropriate license for the distribution of its services. Our first glance was always at the existing permits. At the same time we took a look at the number of customers, the company in the background and of course the software. Usually these things are sufficient to answer the question of fraud or to give a serious and clear answer.

At the same time, the daily business is of course extremely important for the users. Which trading options are offered by the trader, which bets are possible at the bookmaker or which games are available in the online casinos? Our portfolio of products and services occupies a large space in our tests.

Secondly, there are the bonus offers. Almost every online provider tries to bait its new customers with an appropriate starting premium. The problem at this point, however, is that the best offers in summary are not always really attractive. The pitfalls are in small print. The key question is: Can the bonus be converted into real and stress-free real money?

Problem can be anywhere. It is important that any difficulties that arise are quickly cleared up on the way. For this a well-functioning customer support is necessary, which should shine by professional competence and a good accessibility. Another important quality feature are the fast and secure deposit methods. We paid particular attention to reliability and speed when making payments.